Wine Related Must Haves!

This list is my ultimate guide to all things wine. If you are not a wine drinker, this is the perfect gift guide for the wine lover in your life!

This post may contain affiliate links that give me a small commission (at no additional cost to you) in order to help maintain this blog.

Electric wine bottle opener… enough said.
These red wine glasses are elegant and timeless. They are chic, and could even be used to hold a cocktail!
I am one of those people who drinks my wine super cold at all times. These insulated wine glasses are perfect to keep in your freezer, and can help to chill wine fast if you did not have time to chill it in advance.
This electric wine aerator comes with a vacuum pump and a velvet gift bag.
These white wine glasses are sisters to the red wine glasses linked above. Keep scrolling if you need both sets, they come in a multi pack!
Ozark Trail Wine Bottle And 2 Glass Set
Bring wine on the go with this insulated wine set. (It does come with two glasses.)
This insulated wine caddy can fit a bottle of wine, and 2-3 wine glasses.
Again, I like my wine ice cold. I keep these whiskey stones in my freezer and use them in my cold beverages that I do not want to get watered down. Wine, cocktails, even iced coffee!
If you want to fit more than two wine glasses in any of the insulated bags featured in this article, silicone wine glasses are a great option as they can bend and fold.
This Coravin wine preserving system allows you to pour a glass of wine without opening the whole bottle, preserving the rest of the wine for years to come.
A suction cup drink holder. If you’ve never had a drink in the shower/bath, you need to try it.
PSA: This holder can also hold a can of beer.
…Yes. This is another insulated bag to carry wine. But this one has more compartments for a mini cheese board, serving utensils, a wine stopper, etc. Hey, a girl needs options!
If you’re looking for a nonelectric, more traditional wine aerator, this is for you. It is compact in size, making it ideal for travel.
If you decided you needed both the white and red wine glasses, here is the combo pack of both listed above!
Mawby is a winery in Northern Michigan, my home state. All of their wine is sparkling, and rather than adding carbonation, it is fermented. They have a Fizz Club for Bubbleheads, where you virtually customize a case of wine twice a year at a discounted rate, and it is shipped to you! If you are a part of their Fizz Club, you receive 15% off all purchases and $20 off shipping (when you buy a case). It is free to join this subscription service, this is
not sponsored, I’m a Bubblehead who loves Mawby bubbles.
Small, compact wine racks are perfect tucked back on your kitchen counter, on a wet bar, or on a bar cart.
Want to run into less warm wine issues than I mentioned in this article? This wine cooler is the ultimate fix.
This wine decanter is a stunning statement piece for a wet bar or bar cart, even while it’s not in use.

Were any of your fave wine-related items missing? Let me know in the comments below!

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